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Discover the perfect wine journey with our tiered wine club membership, offering a unique blend of high-quality selections and exceptional perks. Since 1991, we’ve dedicated ourselves to curating wines that transcend typical offerings, providing you with a distinctive and enriching wine experience.

Our wine club is distinguished by our extensive experience in the wine industry and our commitment to offering unique selections you won’t find in your average grocery store. We source our wines from auctions, winery cellars, and small-lot collaborations, ensuring every bottle is of the highest quality and rarity. Our dedicated team of experts meticulously selects each wine to provide an exceptional tasting experience, making our wine club the perfect choice for those who value quality and exclusivity.

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Wine Club Perks Include:

  • Exclusive Airport Lounge Discounts: Enjoy discounted wine pours at our airport locations.
  • Monthly Specialty Bottles: Receive discounts and priority access on our “Wine of the Month” bottle, featuring unique and hard-to-find selections.
  • Exclusive Member Events: Attend exclusive events at our venue, renowned restaurants, or favorite wineries in the Willamette Valley Wine Country.
  • Wine Pairing and Recipe Ideas: Receive expertly crafted wine pairing suggestions and delicious recipes.
  • Reserved Seating at the Airport: Enjoy reserved seating at select airport locations (confirm availability in advance).
  • Wine Garage Sale: Participate in our annual “Wine Garage Sale,” featuring exclusive deals and rare bottles in partnership with top distributors.