Celebrating Moments in Our Event Space

For years, our event space has been a hub of joy and unforgettable memories. Nestled in the heart of North East Portland on Ainsworth Circle since the early 90s, we’ve continually evolved to host larger and more vibrant events. Join us as we stroll down memory lane and reminisce about the delightful evenings we’ve shared in our beloved space over the past several years.

Wine Pick-Up & Wine Maker’s Dinner:

Indulge in the world of wine with us! Our close ties to wineries often lead us to open our doors for their club members to collect orders in the city. Collaborating closely, we curate delectable appetizers to complement the latest seasonal wine releases.

Another cherished wine affair is our Wine Maker’s Dinners—an exquisite five-course journey where our chefs craft unique dishes harmonizing with carefully selected wines. These intimate gatherings provide an enriching experience for those seeking to expand their wine knowledge with the guidance of experts.


From rehearsal dinners to the grand celebration, we’ve orchestrated it all! Our versatile space, with its three distinct sections, allows for an intimate wedding in one, seamlessly transitioning to reveal the reception in the next. Adorned with flowers, candles, and more, our space adapts effortlessly. With room for a band and the flexibility of rolling up garage doors for outdoor allure during pleasant months, our venue offers endless possibilities.

Work Parties & Wine Pairings:

For work parties that leave a lasting impression, step into an experience your office will cherish. Enter through our secret wine room door into a world where stress melts away. Guests are greeted with a wine glass, setting the stage for an enjoyable evening. Our fully customizable menus cater to your event’s unique needs. Elevate team bonding with our popular wine tastings featuring carefully curated pairings—an experience that transcends the ordinary.

Charity Events:

Supporting noble causes is close to our hearts, and our venue has become a choice location for charitable events in Portland. Collaborating with various charities, we’ve transformed our space into a haven for goodwill. From bespoke furniture arrangements to engaging games and enticing auction items, we ensure each event is special. Our tailored menus not only meet but exceed the needs of these charitable endeavors, leaving donors in high spirits.

Join us in continuing to create lasting memories in our event space—a canvas for joyous celebrations and meaningful gatherings.

Intrested in planning something during 2024? Reach out now to our Catering Director Matt!

catering@caperscafe.com or (971)244-3542