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The Best Meals Are Shared

Capers Café and Catering offers customers the best of its local community. As a local family-owned business, we are enthusiastic participants of the Oregon culinary and wine scene and offer a genuine taste of the Beaver State. Our time-proven formula: immerse ourselves into our state’s cultural, agricultural, and culinary landscape, understand the fabric of what makes it special, and showcase it through food.

We invest and partner with local charities, work with the best local vendors, find the brightest up-and-coming ideas, and bring it all to life with passion and expertise. Because of our experience at PDX, where we serve hundreds of customers daily, we understand the unique complexities of running successful, profitable establishments at major locations.

Our employees are trained to provide attentive, professional, and friendly service. We consistently have repeat customers who dine at our establishments on their work travel commutes. We have proven experience in managing multiple complex operations, and we have a strong commitment to our sites and employees.

Our Story

Where It All Began

Our owners have fallen in love with food since they were at a young age. Annette’s love affair with food began when she was a child at her grandmother’s diner. She saw first-hand how a shared meal between friends warms the heart. She also understands the value of rolling up her sleeves to get the job done. Thanks to his half-French, half-Italian mom, by the time he was 12 years old, Christian could shape pasta by hand and cook any kind of shellfish. He moved to the Pacific Northwest from France when he was ten, and Oregon became his home. 

Annette and Christian’s son Andy was born and raised in Beaverton and was a member of the first graduating class of the French American International School (FAIS) when it was still based in Beaverton. He started helping in his father’s deli when he was 8, so it’s no surprise that he’s an expert in the kitchen and a natural entrepreneur.

Nearly 30 years ago, Christian and Annette took the leap to buy Capers Cafe & Catering to follow their life-long passion for high-quality, freshly-prepared, locally-sourced food, along with their love for Oregon wines and wine-pairing. In 2016, Andy and his wife bought into Capers and became owners. Nimble, resourceful, and with a knack for connecting with customers, Andy has an innovative eye set on the future. He has a passion for sharing the best of his hometown with customers.

Cultivating a life with family that combines their passions and knowledge has been a gift that our owners treasure. This allows Capers to share and elevate the food experience, culture, and service in our community since 1991.

“When you give someone great food, and you see the satisfaction in their eyes, you know that you have touched their soul.”

Annette Joly
CEO & President
Christian Joly
Vice President & Founder

“As I prepare for an event, my heart starts beating a little faster. I can’t wait to interact with our customers and teams. Sharing the best cuisine Oregon has to offer is always a highlight.”

“Food is social, and a natural connector. I love the cultural exchange that happens when people from different walks of life share a meal.”

Andreas (Andy) Joly
General Manager, Owner

We Care About Where We Live & Work

A Community That Values Collaboration Over Competition

Our Contribution & Impact

We believe in supporting the economic vitality of our community. Over the years, Capers Cafe and Catering has invested more than $500,000 in local businesses and nonprofits in the Portland area.

Cash Donated

Non-profit Helped

Hours Volunteered

What Our Community Says About Us

“Generous & Committed To Support The Animal Loving Community.”

The capers Cafe and Annette and Christian Joly have been generous supporters of DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital over 15 years. From financial assistance, in-kind donations and volunteering hours of their time on various fundraising committees, the Joly’s have demonstrated their commitment to support the animal loving community. Because of compassionate donors like the Joly’s, DoveLewis is able to provide the very best emergency and specialty veterinary medicine and also offer financial assistances for low-income pet owners who’s animals are facing medical emergency. 

– Lauren Cox • Development Director
Dove Lewis Emergency Animal Hospital

“Dedication To Vineyard Workers & Their Families… Year After Year”

For more than 20 years, the Joly Family has helped make safe, reliable access to healthcare possible for Oregon’s vineyard workers and their families. Through their incredibly generous support of ¡Salud!, they have demonstrated their dedication to the health of the Oregon wine community, a community that values collaboration over competition in order to solve challenges.

We are incredibly grateful for the Joly’s who, year after year, choose to go above and beyond to ensure that vineyard workers and their families have a healthy future.

– Maria McCandless• Foundation Manager
Tuality Healthcare Foundation

Our Commitment To A Sustainable Future

Sustainable Sourcing & Eco-Friendly Operations Is A Way of Life For Us

Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Practice

It’s in our nature.

As a local, two-generation family business, Capers Café and Catering is committed to low-to-zero waste goals, conservation of natural resources, and building a healthy and sustainable future for our residents and visitors. Capers Cafe and Catering will always practice sustainable sourcing and eco-friendly design & operations


Our low-carbon-footprint business model means the majority of our food comes from local or regional providers.


Our purveyors must tell us how, when, and where their fish were caught for us to consider serving to customers.


We will continue to support and highlight the highly-rated biodynamic, organic wines of the Pacific Northwest.


We believe in eating meat that is sustainably and ethically raised without hormones, animal proteins or growth accelerants.


All appliances, lighting, and electronic equipment at our headquarters is Energy-Star rated. Appliances are shut down overnight to reduce energy usage and costs.

WASTE Management

Most of our processing gets recycled, reused, or
composted. Weekly evaluations let us identify
habits and products we can change to reduce waste.


We have strict recycling policies. At our headquarters, anything that can be recycled, will be. We even recycle our fryer oil by giving it to biofuel companies for conversion.


We will always prioritize renewable, recycled, or long-lasting materials and sustainable packaging designs.

What we do

Our Locations & Services

Capers Market

Looking for local food or specialty goods? Take a piece of Portland with you.

Capers Café Et Le Bar

A full service restaurant and bar in the Portland International Airport.

Event Catering

We offer full-service catering and day-of coordination for all event types.

Our Wines

We carry wines from across the West Coast including some small lot productions.

secret wine room

Hidden speakeasy style wine cellar with newly renovated event space attached.

Visit Us

Capers Headquarters
12003 NE Ainsworth Cir Suite 101
Portland, OR 97220
8:00 a.m. – 4.00 p.m.

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PDX Airport Locations

Capers Market

North Lobby After Security
(View Terminal Map)

Daily 4 am - 10 pm

(971) 712-7873

Capers Café Et Le Bar

South Lobby After Security
(View Terminal Map)

Daily 4 am- 10 pm

(503) 280-1010

Our Event Spaces

Secret Wine Room (Email Us)
Event Space (Email Us)

Capers Headquarters

12003 NE Ainsworth Cir Suite 101, Portland, OR 97220

Hours & Wine Pick Up
8 am - 4 pm

(503) 252-1718

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